Pitch Refinery Redux

We’re excited to announce we’ve added a new item to our agenda! In the interest of getting you out of their comfort zone and into the flow we’ve arranged for an expert panel of judges to challege you in your newfound pitching skills!

At the end of day two, attendees have a chance to take the Pitch Refinery stage and spend three minutes pitching either investors, press, or their peers in the Pitch Refinery Redux Competition!


We’re lining up some of Chicago’s best venture capitalists, media publishers, PR Pros, and more to help you refine your pitch in what is sure to be the launch pad for your future sucess. Participating in the competition is totally voluntary but may win you funding, a feature in the paper or on television, win you new clients, new speaking opportunities, and the love, respect, and support of your peers! 


Find out more about Pitch Refinery, our speakers, and our Pitch Refinery Redux at PitchConf.com, there is only space for 130 participants at Pitch Refinery, register today!