Sponsor a Student Ambassador

We’ve been getting several emails a day from college students who want to go to Pitch Refinery but are unable to afford even the student ticket. They are more than happy to volunteer and we’ve taken on a few of them, but we can’t possibly support the more than 20 students who have approached us without operating at a loss. 

After a brief survey of the students and some excellent brainstorming with our newest sponsor TheLi.st, we’ve hit upon an wonderful solution! Your company can sponsor a student to attend Pitch Refinery! And as an amazing bonus the students have agreed to be YOUR volunteers for the entire conference. That means that when we practice during workshops, and pitch from our stage to investors, attendees, and the media. Your student ambassador will be showing their gratitude for learning by pitching for YOU (or just handing out company pens with your logo, your choice!) We’ve also sweetened the deal with a little live event and online promotion from us, just in case helping college students help themselves wasn’t sweet enough already. 

You should absolutely do this, college grads are having a hard enough time getting jobs after graduation as it is, these young men and women want to learn the skills to be outstanding presenters, lets make it possible. Each Student Ambassador Sponsorship is $400. Do it now.